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Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

2016-2017 will be a historic year for Division E as Northern Saskatchewan and Alberta bid a fond farewell to District 42 to become District 99.

The heart of the Toastmasters club is the MEMBER.  The success of the club is fuelled by the achieved goals of its members.  One’s self development in communication, leadership and listening skills are obtained through his or her mentor, healthy evaluations, non-judgemental, supportive and a fun group of diverse individuals who want nothing more than to see new and experienced members grow in their personal quest.

Communication and leadership go hand in hand as one cannot develop without the other.  We learn by teaching others, and sometimes we must learn the hard way to grow.

This year we have the opportunity to build membership in each Area of Division E, as without the MEMBER we cannot sustain or achieve club success.

Enjoy this historic year, it is the year of Firsts.


Jackie Diemert, DTM

Division E Director

Message from Division Director 2016
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