Area Contest – Area 37
Date: 23 March, 2016Location: Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon
Evaluation Contest
We had a great demonstration speaker, Nicole Braun (Kelsey Communicators) who gave us a speech about summers growing up in Saskatchewan. A nice introduction to more that the province has to offer for those who haven’t grown up here and a nostalgic moment for those of us who shared some of her experiences. Thanks Nicole for entertaining us and for volunteering your time.
Two great contestants, Sam Simonson (Campus Howlers) and Robin San Juan (Bridgers), gave Nicole their evaluations. In the end Sam Simonson won the Evaluation Contest and Robin San Juan was second.
International Speech Contest
Our International Speech Contest featured two contestants. Peter Song (Campus Howlers), presented the speech “Life of a Traveller”. A clear look into a traveller for another era who took an unusual path and had enormous impact. Robin San Juan (Bridgers) presented “Press the Delete Button”. Some timely advice about areas in our lives where and how we can and maybe should, change how we interact with the world. Peter Song was the winner for our International Speech Contest and Robin San Juan was second.
Congratulations to our contestants – you made this contest! We look forward to cheering you on as you represent your clubs and our area at the Division E contest.
A big thank-you to all who helped make the Area 37 contest a success. Many folks made this contest a success; I’ve included here their Area 37 club connections or home club but many of these people wear many hats in the Toastmaster organization so we certainly appreciate them taking the time to help with this contest. We had a great turn-out, welcoming many guests who are instructors or students at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute. The WE Toastmasters club hosted the contest and provided many of the contest officiants. Congratulations and many thanks to Susan Fowler, their president, who coordinated that help and the set-up for the contest. She was energetic, a great communicator, well organized and she took on a role officiating in the contest as well. I’d like to thank Oarabile Kgosisejo (Bridgers) for acting as Chief Judge and providing us a smooth contest. Thanks also to Angie Lam (Speaking Done Here), Alex Phillips (Campus Howlers), Donald Zurakowski, our Division E Director (WE Toastmasters), Eileen Zurakowski (WE), Jade Jalalinejad (MBS), Jim Ferrie (WE) and John Thompson (WE) for taking on officiating roles in the contest.
Don’t forget:
Division E contest, April 16 at the Brian King Centre in Warman!!
Sarah Parker, Contest Chair, Area 37 Director

Area 37 Spring Contests Review