Have you ever watched a child play with an ordinary object? They can turn a stick into a directors baton, a king’s sceptre, a rocket and a wide variety of other things all in a matter of seconds and it is astounding what they can do with a large cardboard box. Their minds flit effortlessly between various, unrelated, creative ideas. Have you ever wanted to possess a similarly prodigiously creative mind? You can. It just takes practice.

If you want to be as creative as a child, try acting like a child. Yes, I really suggested that. There’s a huge creativity killer out there and it is called Maturity. Somehow, when we get to be adults, we glue a long list of sour-faced don’ts, shouldn’ts and mustn’ts to ourselves and the vast majority of them are just silly. Why not get dirty? Why not make noise? What does it take to loosen our inhibitions? Children are naturally CREATIVE! Here’s how to be creative as well.


Get dirty

Spring is the finest part of the year for mud. Get your boots off and get off the sidewalk. Don’t worry, you can get cleaned up just a quickly and easily as when you were a kid. Go splashing in the puddles, skooshing in the mud, running in the streams. Make a mud pie. Plant sticks, hide pebbles, dig streams, make dams, float leaves and then splash the whole thing with your bare feet.


Make a fort

It takes so little to get away from it all. Two chairs and the back of the couch covered with a sheet or blanket can be a secret hideaway for two or three. A couple of old pallets leaning against the back of the garage creates a hideout for a fugitive. A string between several trees makes a royal causeway for the king to arrive with his chariot. The limb of a tree and a few cookies and you’re a castaway looking for a ship on the horizon.



Do you have a coloring book? Why not? Coloring is the prerequisite for drawing. Coloring is also one of the most basic stress relievers around. Take it to the next level by painting a section of an interior wall with a special high-gloss paint and now white board markers will wipe right off. Better yet, there is a photosensitive paint available so that you can “paint” with mini LED flashlights in the dark. Is it so terrible to paint a wall of your house with a mural or in a flashy color? It can always be painted over with something else. Paint a climbing vine across the cupboards. Paint a mouse hole in the corner of the dining room.


Dress Up

It’s surprising how much a costume will release your inhibitions and allow you to have fun. If you are new to this, start small. Try getting a hat. Fedora’s can be quite fashionable for men or women. Bowler hats add just a little sprinkle of a smile to the dapper look. Go to second hand stores and try things on with a friend. It can be an afternoon of fun. Bring some of the best stuff home to mix and match with future finds. You can also find some good, go-with-lots-of-ideas basics during Halloween. Get a feather boa. Collect some gaudy jewelry. Buy big, clompy boots. Find some face paint.


Make some noise

Sing a song, yell to your friends, laugh out loud, really loud. Creativity has to have a release and sometimes it’s just too much to keep inside. Go to a playground with friends and play. You may be surprised at how much fun a slide or a swing really is. Play in the sandbox. Make up a new song and sing it. Write poetry and recite it to your cat. You may find that the cat likes it. Invent a new language and try it out on your creative friends. Find fun things to do and laugh, really laugh. Let yourself go and laugh. The more you laugh, the easier it is. Laughter is also contagious so laugh with friends who love to laugh.


I hope you have some fun memories of your childhood. You can always add more even if your inner child has added a few decades to their life. I am now in my mid 50’s and I still haven’t left my childhood behind. It’s too much fun.


Play, laugh, live.

Release Your Inner Child – Creativity Runs Wild
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