The next page is “Appearance” which is still under the “Website Settings” module. This section is all about the colours and the design you wish to use on your club’s website. The first part of the “Appearance” section is the Banner Text. A banner appears at the top of the page, which can grab the attention of your club members. Are you having a contest? Did you just create a new social media account for your club members? This would be the place to remind your members of important events, for example.

You have to use the primary Toastmasters colours to follow their branding policies, so these designs have been pre-programmed into the Free Toast Host platform.  You have three themes to choose from and you will be able to see a preview on the right-hand side of the page.

Underneath the theme settings, you can set the menu colours if you want to get creative with the design. You don’t have to do this, and you should only spend time on this if you want  your club website to stand out. If you regret the new colour settings, simply click the blue “Reset These Colours to Defaults” button and they will go back to the default colours.

You can also adjust the menu text size if you find that the text is too small. You simply drag the button where it says “100%” to either the right or the left to make it bigger and smaller respectively. You can also change the menu margins. A new feature introduced in late 2014 allows you to choose the kind of menu you want. You can keep the standard menu, or you can choose a accordion or a tabbed menu.

The “Admin Console Window Size” allows you to change the window settings when you are working in the administrator panel.

The “Hide Menu Links” allows you to hide certain pages from the menu, in case you want to create a “hidden” page that you link to elsewhere on the website.


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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 9. Appearance
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