This first panel is under the “Website Settings” module and the “Basic Settings” page is the one you will see when you log into the administrative panel. This page is all about the basic information about your club. You have to fill out the club name, the district number, and a description of your club.

The description is part of what is called “meta-data.” This means that this little blurb is what people will see in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth when they search for Toastmasters clubs in their respective local towns or cities. For example, if you meet during the morning hours, this would be ideal to add here, as people may search “Toastmasters morning club in Saskatoon.” Keywords work in the same manner, and should be added with a comma in between. An example of a keyword list can be seen underneath the box in the picture.

You need to select the club’s time zone, as this will work with the calendar and the events you add there.

A Website Alias is the name of the website, in case you don’t want to use the club’s number. For example, instead of, you can add an Alias name and have a website called; If you want to host the website on a custom domain, such as “” you can add the register information in the new box below. If you just plan on using Free Toast Host, you don’t have to worry about this last section.

Site Administration Basic Settings



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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 8. Site Admin Basic Settings
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