When you log into the administrator’s account, a panel will come up. This is called “Site Administration” or the Admin Panel. This brief article will introduce you to how this panel works, so you understand where to find things as you work through setting up the club website.

Under the brief introduction, you will see Select a ModuleAs you can see, it is currently set to Website Settings. The blue labels below are options within the “Website Settings.” In other words, when you change modules, you may see another set of blue labels. Not every module has blue tabs.

Modules: Website Settings, Membership Management, Email & Contact Forms, Custom Pages, File Manager, Meeting Agenda Settings and Due Management.

Under each blue label, you will see different options. For example, under “Basic Settings,” which is currently showing in this example, you have the options of filling in “Club Name,” “District #,” and a description of your club. The details of the club continues when you scroll down.

Make sure you go through every module, every blue label and at least address or acknowledge every option within each blue label. That way, you will have a fully functional club website. Click “Next” to get started with a detailed tutorial of the Admin Panel.


Admin Panel


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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 7. Admin Panel Introduction