Under the “Main Menu,” you will have a page called “Meet Our Members” if one or more of the members have decided to make their profiles public. When new members get signed up to the club website, they have the option of filling out their personal information in a profile, so they can share details about themselves. But the “Meet Our Members” page will not be available if all members decide to keep their information private.

Check with the members before making profiles public, and respect their desire for privacy. They may have very good reasons for wanting to keep their details private.


1. Set up a member profile

When you fill out your personal member profile, you have to give your name and primary email address. Everything else is completely optional. You do have the option of giving the site administrator permission to make your profile public for you.



2. Make your profile public

If you make your profile public, your name, officer role (if any), photo, social media links (if any), and bio will show up in the “Meet Our Members” page. You will be listed alongside other members who have decided to make their profiles public. If you hold an executive post within the club, it will also show. We will explore more on adding executive posts to members in section Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 17. Membership Management. In the public profile for “Meet Our Members,” your email and phone number will not show.



3. Adding social links and a biography

Under your profile, you will be asked about your social profiles. This can include your Facebook account, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks. Only link to these if you wish to connect with other Toastmasters.



You will also be able to write a detailed biography about yourself, including your interests and hobbies. If you hold a certain position within the club, such as secretary, you should write this here as well. Other Toastmasters may be looking to speak with you about the position.



The bio field is plain text only (no formatting). You have about 100 words to describe who you are. You can also upload a photo which will be used in “Meet our Members” and also on the agenda if your club has this feature available. Your photo will be resized and cropped to 100×100 px.


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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 6. Meet Our Members