The club calendar is a shared calendar between the members and the website administrator, viewable by the general public. You will find the link to the calendar under the “Main Menu.” What goes in the calendar is completely up to you, but you should promote club meetings, open houses and contests, for example.

By default, the members are able to add events to the site and remove them. As a member, you can only delete your own events, you are not technically able to remove events you did not create. However, as the administrator of the site, you can remove any event.

This is an example of what a calendar could look like on your website. The colours are decided by you in the admin panel, something you will learn more about in Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 9. Appearance. You can view the calendar as a month, week or day.




1. Adding an event
You can add an event simply by clicking on the day you want to add the event. This will add a full day event. A window will appear that will prompt you for more information. You will be asked to name the event and give it a brief description. “Open House For Potential Members” is an example. If you are promoting the event on your club blog or social media, you could link directly to that page in the “Event URL” section.


If you are setting up a club meeting in the agenda, you can ask the calendar system to repeat it. This way, you don’t have to go and add the club meetings continually every month. You have the options of adding events a single time, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

The web browser may not register the event you have added. Depending on your web browser, you may need to refresh your browser to see them.


2. Removing an event

It is very simple to remove an event once you have created it. Simply click on the event. When you are the creator of the event, you will NOT be taken to the URL if you linked it to a URL – at least not while you are still logged in. If you log out, then click your event, you will be taken to the URL, if you assigned one. Clicking on the event, while logged in as the user who created the event, causes the delete confirmation window to pop up.

event_monthly_cal delete_event


If you have set all of your club meetings up to repeat the entire year and you need to delete a single meeting, you can do so by following the same procedure. If you are removing a recurring event, and you click on any one of the entries except for the first one, you will have the option to delete them all, all after that event, or just that single event.



3. Timezones 

If you are creating an event with specific times throughout the day, you should set the times based on your timezone. The calendar works off your local time zone, and displays the events according to the time on your local computer. So if you travel across time zones then change your computer to the new time zone, the times will appear different as well, since they are referring to an absolute point in time.


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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 5. Club Calendar
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