You access the “Dues Management” section by using the drop-down menu under the “Select a Module” section of the administrative dashboard. This is a new feature in the 2014 update and it is meant to assist the treasurer in the member payments. Each member must renew their membership if they wish to continue with the club. This is merely meant to assist the treasurer, so the treasurer should be given access to this web page.



1.¬†The club’s information should be filled out for each section, especially if you need to accept cheques via postal mail. Don’t edit in the email section, as it has been customized based on your club information.





1. This new section opens up to PayPal payments as an option. Use the box below to incorporate such a payment system.




1. You can also track how your members are paying and who still owes money. This is merely meant to assist the treasurers in larger clubs.


Payment methods

Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 22. Dues Management
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