You access the “Email and Contact Forms” section by using the drop-down menu under the “Select a Module” section of the administrative dashboard. This is the place where you select where emails are going once they are received by the club. The webmaster should not be responsible for all emails, so they may need to be redirected to other executive members.


1. Under the first panel, you can set the email settings for the club. You can use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate officer. If you are unsure of who should be handling what emails, bring it up during an executive meeting. The four drop-down menu selections are the most important parts in this section.


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1. This “Email Security” section is a new feature. If you often get spam from one or more email addresses, you can “black list” them so you don’t receive any more spam.


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1. When you use the Free Toast Host platform, each officer gets a custom email, such as “” This email address remains the same, even though the president may change. These executive emails are used to protect the personal emails entered in the membership forms. You should use these emails when you are promoting your club to non-members.






1. There is an integrated contact form on the club websites, but you need to attach people to the form, so the emails can go through. You can only select people who have been manually added as a member. Please review section Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 17. Membership Management to set up a member.

2. From the drop-down menu, select the officers who will receive emails from non-members using the “Contact Us” box. You can select one officer, or use all three.

3. You can choose to activate the “” email address if you desire. The trouble with this is that it can become subject to many spam emails, so proceed with caution.

4. As a new feature, you can use the “Contact Us Form Closing” to add a “call to action.” If you enter a closing message above, Free Toast Host will use it on your Contact Us form instead of the default closing.





1. New members may request a mentor, so you should choose the executive member, who is responsible for assigning mentors. This form can also be used for someone, who wants to get a new mentor, or wants to be mentored again.

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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 18. Email and Contact Forms
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