You access the “Membership Management” section by using the drop-down menu under the “Select a Module” section of the administrative dashboard. A new window will open in front of the “Site Administration” section. Here, you can manage all of your members, including their executive roles. There are many panels here that are not necessarily must-use sections to run a successful website. The most important sections include adding a new member, sending out the “new member welcome” email and setting executive roles for the existing members.

You can explore the other panels at your own discretion.


1. To add a new member, simply click on the “Quick Add” button.

2. Make sure the drop-down menu is set to “Members” as you are adding people as members, not “guests,” “former members,” etc.

3. Add the personal contact information for the member in a single line. It must be written as such; name, designation, email, phone number (no spaces in the phone number).

William Patonkis, DTM,, 212-111-5559

4. Click “Save” to save the member.


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.07.15 AM



1. When the new member has been added to the system via the above steps, you should send them a “New Member” email, so they can gain access to the website. This is important to sign up for roles using the agendas, or check out the club calendar, for example. Click on the “New Member Welcome” tab to send the email.

2. Click the arrows in the drop-down menu under “Send Member Welcome Message” to select the member in question.

3. You can use the “New Member Welcome Message” as it is. It has been customized to your club website. But you can add a line or two if you please. Click “Save” to send the email.


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.09.30 AM



1. Click on the “Members” tab to set the roles for the club. In the picture below, the members’ names have been removed for the purpose of this tutorial.

2. To set an executive role, simply use the drop-down menu to the right to select the proper role for the person in question.

3. To change a current member to a former member, place a check-mark beside the person’s name and use the “Membership Tools” drop-down menu to choose the person’s current status. Click “Save” to save the new roles and titles. Click “Close” to return to the administrative panel.




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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 17. Membership Management
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