The next panel in the “Website Settings” module is the section about meeting information and/or directions. This is the place where you tell new visitors to the website where you meet, what times you meet, what days and so forth. You want to give the visitors as much information as possible, so these visitors can see if this is the right club for them. You can add pictures and links here to help create a comprehensive meeting information page.

The “Meeting Information/Directions Page Reference Notes” should be used if you need to save some passwords, information about maps or something that would be useful for the new VP-PR person. You can leave it empty if you have no additional information.

You can also add a Google map to show exactly where you are. Free Toast Host has a detailed list of steps presented on this page as seen below.

Lastly, you can change the background colour for this page.

Meeting Directions 1


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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 11. Meeting Info / Directions From Admin Panel