The third blue panel under the “Website Settings” module is called Home Page.  In this section, you can design your home page, which is what people – both members and non-members – will see when they visit your page. In the main heading, you could write something like “Welcome to Our Club,” for example. In the Home Page Content section, you can add pictures, links and written content about your club. If you want to learn how to add a picture, scroll down.

In the Home Page Reference Notes, you can add any names of features that you have added. This is more to help the other admins on the page, or a future VP-PR person responsible for the website.

Lastly, you can choose the colour of your background for the homepage, but keeping it white will make everything easier to read and digest.


Home page


1. Click on the “Image” button in the dashboard. It is on the far left in the middle row.

Add image


2. A separate window will pop up where you have several options for uploading a picture. Click on the “Upload” tab along the top to upload a picture from your computer. Make sure you know where the image is saved on your computer, such as in the “Your Pictures” folder or on the desktop.




3. Click “Choose File” to locate the file. Once you have chosen the file, you will see the file name in the place of the “no file selected” text. But you will not be able to see the picture. Once you see the file name, click “Send it to the Server.” Here, you are uploading the picture file to your media library for the website.




4. To get the picture onto the page, you need to relocate the image in the media library server. Go back to “Image Info” and click on the “Browse Server” button. The picture you uploaded in the previous steps will now be in the server.


Browse server


5. The picture server will open up a separate window. Here, you click on the “Your Image Library” to locate the picture you have just uploaded to the server. You will also be able to browse through Toastmasters’ own image library, where you can freely use the stock images available. Once you have found the picture you want, simply double-click on the image.


Choose picture


6. The image you have chosen will be uploaded into the “Image Info” box with the selected URL for the image on the server. You can now set the desired width and/or height for the picture. Make sure that the lock is “locked” – otherwise your image may be distorted or stretched! You can also set a border around the picture to give it a frame. Alignment means you can place the picture on the left or right side of the page. When done, click “OK.” To edit the picture again, simply double-click on the image on the page and this window will open again.


Edit picture



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Free Toast Host Club Website Tutorial Series: 10. Home Page
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