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6 September 2014

Every year the VP of Education asks their club members to set their goals for the year. This is to both encourage and ensure that members of Toastmasters grow and excel. Setting Goals is an important habit that can permeate into other areas of one's life, giving one direction. However, in order to set goals, one needs to know what to strive for. This article discusses the awards and their requirements, provided by Toastmasters International and District 42, which members can strive for. Equipped with this information, Toastmasters can then add them to their personal goal list.

Remember, Toastmasters is structured so that the Cubs do well only if their Members do well. Members who excel equates to Clubs that excel which equates to Areas that excel, Divisions that excel and a District that excels! By setting goals for yourself, communicating them to your VP Education so that they can assist you in your endeavours and achieving them means that you grow and your club benefits from your achievements. Furthermore, in order for a Toastmaster club to maintain their status as a Toastmaster club, they have to meet at least twelve (12) times per year; have members who give oral speeches, give and receive oral evaluations while also giving members the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills. The role of the Area Governor includes; confirming and reporting back to District that clubs are performing as required as well as helping struggling clubs become stronger. Toastmasters is a team activity, promoting synergy and camaraderie in the clubs.

Preparing and presenting speeches is arduous. To motivate Toastmasters in doing this work, Toastmasters International and District 42 have come up with the following incentives that members can add to their Goal list.

Toastmasters International:

Toastmasters International issues embossed certificates for each award on the communication path and for each award on the leadership path. A Toastmaster can fill their personal folder with these noteworthy certificates, which are recognised internationally.

District 42:

To further motivate members District 42 awards the following pins to members who complete more than one educational award in a year;

  • The, "Toastmasters Membership Pin", to members who obtain a CC and a CL in the same year.
Membership Pin
  • The, "Where Leaders are Made Pin", to members who obtain a CL and a CLB in the same year.
leaders are made
  • The, "Triple Crown Pin", to members who earn 3 educational awards or sponsor 3 new members in the same year.
Where Leaders are Made
To Toastmasters who assist clubs in growing and developing their members, District 42 awards the following pins:
  • The, "Members Making a Difference Pin", to the member in each club who made a difference to the club in that year. One pin per club per year.
Triple Crown
  • The, "Where Leaders are Made Pin", to club coaches who are successful in restoring a club to strength by ensuring they have 15 or more members. 
Making a Difference

District 42 also presents a total of 6 "Of the Year" awards, every year, at the Fall Convention. This is a prestigious event and acknowledges members who have excelled in various areas in their Toastmasters career. These 6 awards are:

The Past President usually leads the nomination committee for selecting the club members in the first 2 categories. The nominations are then sent to the Area Governors who forward the nominations to Division and on to District.

Division - E:

In this last year 2013 - 2014, members of Division E excelled in obtaining educational awards, a breakdown is as follows:

  • 54 members obtained 1 educational awards,
  • 13 members obtained 2 educational awards,
  • 7 members obtained 3 educational awards,
  • 1 member obtained 4 educational awards,
  • 3 members obtained 5 educational awards,
  • 2 members obtained 6 educational awards,
  • 2 members obtained 7 educational awards,   and
  • 1 member obtained 16 educational awards.

These remarkable achievements resulted in Triple Crowns being awarded to 16 members of our Division.

The 162 awards, received by Division E last year, consisted of :

Division E Awards Number % of Members
CC Award
4.88 %
CL Award
3.45 %
ACB Award
1.15 %
ACS Award
1.05 %
ACG Award
0.48 %
ALB Award
1.63 %
ALS Award
0.96 %
DTM Award
0.77 %
HPL Award
1.15 %
Total Awards
15.15 %

Once you finished your CL manual, make sure you acquire another so that you can obtain a second or third CL award. Consider repeating a second CC and complete all the advanced communicator manuals. There is no limit as to the number of awards you can win in a year so set your goals high and amaze yourself at your accomplishments.


By: Jane Danoczi, ACG,ALB

Why not attend the D42 Fall Conference in Calgary. Toastmasters International President Mohammed Murad, is the keynote speaker.

The Division Governor's message was last updated July 7th, 2014. You can read her message from the menu bar or click HERE


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